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Artists' Agent
I represent a group of talented artist/illustrators and also sell their original paintings and drawings. Their portfolios can be found below.
Artist and illustrator
Fantasy and children's books
Science fiction illustrator and fantasy artist
Travelling artist and editorial illustrator
Paintings, illustration and fine art prints
Writer and illustrator
Landscape, science fiction and marine artist
Book and editorial illustrator, ex-curator at Kew
Artist and printmaker
Tolkien and Peake prints, and stock art
Illustrator and graphic designer
I can be contacted at:

Mobile: 07712 592 155
30 Evesham Road
GL52 2AB

My US agent is Alan Lynch
(607) 257 0330
Cellphone: (607) 342 4373
Fax (607) 257 4433
116 Kelvin Place
Ithaca, NY 14850

I also work as a freelance rep for the Illustrators' Agency, Arena but just for six of the main UK children's book publishing clients.
Silkscreen prints of The Balrog
Ian Miller went in to Make-Ready printmakers in North London last week to view, sign and number the prints. They are really quite stunning quality, and we now have nine to sell. We made it a small edition as this was a first experiment with the process but we just couldn't be more pleased with the results. The detail is extraordinary. More on that here.
Neil Packer's Tool Shed
Is this how you keep your tools? This is one of the illustrations from Neil's forthcoming book about taxonomy, One of a Kind. It's about so much more than how we sort things out though. We're going to exhibit some of the work, as well as his originals for The Odyssey and The Iliad - and other prints next year. There will be more on that in our newsletter so let me know if you'd like to be signed up.
Ian Miller's Grim Tarock cards
The campaign on Kickstarter to promote the set of Tarot cards illustrated by Ian Miller is still galloping ahead. There's still time to join . . .
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Jim Kay has now signed many many copies of the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, published last month. Here he is, eagerly getting on with the next book, which is fatter than ever. He just wants to be left alone for a while now. You can read about him in the New York Times though.

Photo: Charlotte Hadden for the New York Times.
The Kate Greenaway Medal 2020
I'm so thrilled that these four books are all nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal for 2020. None of these books were easy projects, all broke new ground, and each one shows a breadth of both draughtsmanship and the ability to interpret someone else's ideas which I think defines the critieria for this much-loved award. These are four of the absolute best artists working in children's books today.

Alexis Deacon, Levi Pinfold, Neil Packer, Grahame Baker Smith. To me? Four winners.
On the Riverbank
The new edition of The Wind in the Willows, illustrated by Grahame Baker Smith, is now published. Grahame's interpreted this wonderful classic text in his own way and I think this book will delight today's children as much as earlier editions must have excited the children of 1908 and ever since.
Jeffrey Alan Love's new portfolio
It's been a busy summer for Jeffrey. His own picture book, The Hero's Quest, has been produced for Walker Books and will be published in November. Also, his sketchbook, The Mountain of Smoke, reached its Kickstarter target in a matter of hours so we've updated his illustration portfolio with a host of new images.

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Originals for sale

Levi Pinfold

Levi Pinfold

A rare chance to buy a small handful of Levi's egg tempera paintings as he now produces his work digitally.

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